Smoke & Fire Damage Claims Adjuster


If you suffer Fire or Smoke damage to your property, here are some guidelines to follow after the fire is contained and the ashes settle.……..Call Insurance Service Associates for an evaluation and for assistance. We are the Florida Public Insurance Adjusters that homeowners’ and business owners’ trust. We also recommend that you contact a General Contractor or Restoration Specialist as soon as possible.

Steps to Saveguard Yourself and Your Property……

  • Close and lock all doors and windows (if possible).
  • Close or block any other openings that might allow unauthorized access to your property.
  • Cover any holes or openings in the roof. This will protect your property against further damage from the elements.
  • If you need professional assistance for this task, consult your Public Adjuster or Restoration Contractor.
  • Have your restoration company replace the furnace filters before you turn the furnace, blower or central air conditioning back on.
  • Make sure that your contractors use double layers of cheesecloth over all air registers in order to minimize the spreading of soot until the furnace and air ducts are clean.
  • Move your pets to a safe and uncontaminated location.
  • Do not turn on empty or fully-drained water heaters, which can cause irreparable damage.
  • If the power is off, remove all items from your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Roll up towels or fold newspaper and use these to prop the doors open to create ventilation for odors.
  • Place charcoal briquettes inside the refrigerator or freezer to absorb odors.
  • Wash all house plants’ leaves (top and bottom sides). We suggest using softened water.
  • Do not attempt to wash walls or painted surfaces yourself. Hire a professional with the proper chemicals to ensure satisfactory results.
  • Treat garments with smoke damage with care. If improperely cleaned, your clothes may still retain the smoke odor, and it may even be permanently set in. Instead, we recommend that you inform a cleaning expert about the situation, who will then utilize special deodorizing and cleaning techniques.
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