Mold Damage

If you’re a Florida resident, then you already know that mold is as abundant in the “Sunshine State” as sun and mosquitoes. Not surprisingly, mold damage in South Florida is also a very common concern that can cause serious headaches (literal and figurative) for policyholders.

The presence of mold in a home can be a very serious matter. In fact, mold claims are one of the most common types of insurance claims for property damage. Most are aware of the aesthetic downsides to mold: It looks and smells very bad. But you should also keep in mind that exposure to mold can lead to illness and extensive property damage.

Where does mold damage come from? Mold can stem from water damage that isn’t thoroughly treated, ventilated, etc. A single broken pipe can eventually lead to extensive mold contamination. Our team of experienced mold damage public adjusters work very quickly to provide you a detailed and accurate estimate for your mold damage.

If you find mold damage in your home, please do not hesitate to call us. With years of experience handling mold claims under our belt, we can help you minimize the damage and maximize your insurance claim. Call 888-256-2963 today.