Hurricane Claims Adjuster


It is Wind vs. Water? There are many different types of hurricane damage claims, so be sure you know the difference – and obtain both hurricane and flood insurance when protecting your home. After the past hurricanes, many residents thought they bought hurricane insurance as part of their home-owner policy, which excludes damage from floods. While a typical homeowner’s policy covers wind damage, it only covers water damage that is a direct result of rain entering through a wind-damaged area. Depending on the policy, it will also cover resulting fire or vandalism, debris removal and repairs, and cash or replacement value of damaged property. Living expenses may be provided should it become necessary for you to stay at a hotel if your home becomes uninhabitable or not able to be live in.

What is Public Adjusting?

  • Insurance Service Associates are specially trained.
  • Our Insurance Adjusters know how to tell the difference between flood and hurricane damage.
  • Qualifications vary among insurance professionals, you might find yourself protesting the claim, if you think it has been wrongfully or incorrectly determined by an inexperienced adjuster.
  • This is why it is important to have a Public Adjuster from Insurance Service Associates on your side.
  • We will make sure that you get everything that you’re entitled to under your policy provisions.
  • Call us to find out more about how to navigate the minefield of flood and hurricane damage coverage.
  • Ask us about when and how to file a claim.
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