Guidelines to Filing a Claim


If you’re not sure if your claim is worth more than your deductible, contact,Insurance Service Associates, South Florida Public Adjusters, for a free consultation and claim evaluation.

The following are basic guidelines for reporting a claim to your insurance carrier after suffering a loss to your property. First and foremost, call Insurance Service Associates at 1-561-210-7700.

  • Report your loss in a timely fashion. Once you decide to file a claim, call us for a free consultation and file the claim as soon as possible. Your policy requires that you give timely notice of your loss.
  • Be organized and keep track of the claim. Keep a journal of all conversations with everyone that is involved with the claim. Keep all estimates, invoices, and paid receipts in one place. Use a folder with pockets. Most claims generate a great deal of receipts. Remember, the more detailed we are the more control you we will have of your claim and the better the chance will be that you will receive everything that you are entitled to.
  • Photographs are of paramount importance. Take as many as possible or call us to do so. This is especially important with Florida property losses such as fire, hurricane and water damage. All visible evidence of your loss will be documented. The adjuster that your insurance carrier sends out may not get around to taking photographs until a significant amount of time has passed, and if the visible evidence of your damage has disappeared (such as a water loss) the carrier might use that lack of evidence against you. We will adjust and report your loss honestly and accurately. Good Insurance adjusters are much like investigators and they are trained to be suspicious. We will be candid with your carrier and we will support your claim with accurate information and defend our estimate with true conviction.