Commercial Claim

There are many different forms of commercial claims. As one might expect, property damage that impacts businesses are common forms of commercial claims, but there are other types as well that you might not realize would fall under the same category.

For example, in Florida, property damage that occurs in the common area of a condominium is also filed under a “commercial claim.” The details and minutia that make these types of claims distinct compared to residential claims are numerous. Business owners and working professionals simply do not have the time to navigate and understand these complexities. It’s essential that you focus on returning to normalcy and maintaining business operations.

Fortunately, just as insurance companies employ their own adjusters to advocate for their interests, a public adjuster can be hired to serve you, the policyholder. Our experienced commercial claim public adjusters will carefully analyze your policy, document all details and negotiate with your insurance company for you in order to maximize your insurance claim.

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